Episode #10 - David Allen

After a long layoff, The Creative Bar is back. I spoke with  Dave Allen, a surrealist photography (, designer and mathematician) currently living in Toulouse, France, about photography and art. A great wide ranging conversation. Check out his awesome work.  

Creative Bar Episode #9 - Eric Van Nielsen

Eric Van Nielsen is an abstract painter I have the pleasure of working with at Trader Joe's. We just set up a mic in his studio and hit record capturing a long version of our break room conversations. I hope to do a lot more of these style conversations as 2+ hours just flew by. 

 Check out his work at www.ericvannielsen.com/.

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Episode #7 - Jeffery Saddoris

Jeffery Saddoris is one of my favorite human beings. He is a podcaster, painter, photographer, and writer. We talk about once a week and this is a great example of those laid back and wide ranging conversations.


. Check out his work at jefferysaddoris.com/. Hope you enjoy

Episode #6 - Maarten Rots

My good friend, Maarten Rots, came on the podcast. We chatted about his journey from a graphic design and film to finally pick up the camera. His beautiful work has this painterly quality completely different to my own work that I love. Check out his work here

Hope you enjoy the episode 

Episode #5 - Mike Sakasegawa

Mike Sakasegawa is a photographer and podcast who is never afraid to ask the hard questions concern art and being an artist so its not surprising that we spent the majority of the episode talking about these topics. I hope you enjoy. 

Check out his work here and follow him on twitter