Uncle Bob


My uncle Bob has been fighting brain cancer for close to 2 years. At this point, all he can verbalize is "yes" or "no". I will cherish the hour we spent watching and laughing at The Price Is Right. My Aunt offered the beautiful advice below in his place. 

"Stay positive even in the  negative times.  Take a day, an hour, or a minute at a time if you need to, but try not to worry about the future. Everything can change in a heartbeat, or so slow you don't remember time passing. 

You need to feel comfortable with the doctor that is treating your loved one.  If you aren't comfortable, get another opinion.  Then , get involved with his disease.  Learn as much as you can, allow the family members to be as involved as they want to be,  get involved with a support group if there is one, and welcome anyone who is willing to help. 

Let them listen to you,  hug you when you need it, give you what they feel comfortable to give you, and prayers.  The power of prayer cannot be discounted, both for the patient and the family members.

And say what you want to say while you have time with your loved one.  Even if you repeat it a thousand times. "