I was very fortunate at the time I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunate seems like a weird word to use, but it’s very true. I had a great support system from the very beginning. My wife and family were supportive, I had a church family that cared for me, and I have a strong faith in God. It was these three things that were instrumental in the way I coped.

I think my wife was more devastated by this disease than I was. She stood by me every step of the way, but I know it was harder on her, and so I thought less about myself and more about meeting her needs. I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself or worry about what was happening because I had to be there for her. I think having to go through this together made us a stronger team and changed us for the better.

I’m also thankful for the family and friends that were there for us when we needed them. Their love, help and support meant a lot to us.

As for the advice I’d give to others who are diagnosed with cancer, I’d recommend making sure you have a support system that will meet your needs. Besides what I’ve already mentioned, my wife and I attended a cancer support group, and the people there were extremely helpful. It’s important to have something to lean on besides your own strength.

I’d also advise anyone who is just diagnosed to make themselves an “expert” on their particular type of cancer. Learn as much about it and absorb as much information as you’re able. I was advised to get a second opinion, and that’s what I did. Both of the doctors I saw recommended the same treatment, so I felt comfortable and understood what I was about to go through. I also found the best doctor to perform the surgery, and I believe I received the best treatment available.
— Jonathan