Next hurdle with the pinhole camera

Roll # 3, 4, and 5 developed smoothly. It didn't take long to get the handle on loading the 120mm film on the reel. Each roll went on the reel on the first or second take. I also avoided leaving finger prints or streaks on the vast majority of the negatives. My only issue has been exposing in low light. The pinhole camera came with the below exposure "guide" stuck on the side. Fine weather: 1.5-3 seconds Overcast: 4-6 seconds Morning or Dusk: 7 seconds Upwards I was able to expose the sunny/overcast frames fairly well even with this limited information. However, I attempted a fair number of low light shots in these rolls which failed to turn out at all. The reel contain clear negatives after development. The exposure time was not long enough to even record any information. I found a better exposure guide on Mr Pinhole's website ( ). Enter the f-stop of your pinhole camera and it will generate a great exposure guide. I then downloaded a light meter app for my phone so i didnt have to carry my digital camera with me. The combination should allow me to capture the range of shots I want.