My stand development process

This is my current process that I cobbled together from reading various internet forums and websites. I guarantee that this process will change over time but it works for me right now. I chose stand development as a way to control the development particularly in the highlights. The pinhole camera eliminates the possibility for a perfect exposure. Each exposure is a guess at best. Stand development utilizes a highly diluted developer for a long period of time without the agitation that is common in traditional development methods. The combination of high dilution, hardly any agitation, and long development time creates a very sharp image where the highlights are not blown out. 

Chemicals: Rodinal diluted to 1 parts per 100 ml                                                                                   TF-5 Fixer mixed per instructions (1 part fixer + 3 parts water)

Process: load film into the canisters and create a water bath (70 degrees) for the chemicals and canister 

1. Rinse film for 2-5 minutes with 70 degree water and dump out 

2. Add the diluted Rodinal. Slowly tilt and rotate the canister 90 degrees. The goal is to do this slow enough that the film reel does not move in the canister. Do this 2 times and set the timer for 30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes, repeat the process 2 more times and set the timer for an additional 30 minutes. Empty the developer out. 

3. Add the TF-5 fixer and agitate for a minute and a half. 

4. Rinse the developed film for 5-10 minutes 

5. I hang the wet film in the bathroom to dry out 


Hope this is useful.