I believe art nourishes our soul. 

I believe art is not produced on an assembly line 

I believe you deserve art as original as you are

I believe the value of art is not the price you paid 

I believe art's highest honor is to hang in a home 

The Instant Film Venture is the culmination of these ideals. Each subscription receives 3 original polaroids from the pool of images created that month. The 3.5 x 4.5 images are small enough to fit all over the house as tiny pieces of beauty to catch your eye. Or the polaroids can be combined to form a focal point in a room which grows and changes with each successive month. 

These are not reproductions. Each polaroid is unique and original. They are not created by clicking the print button. I am packing up my large 4x5 Crown Graphic and venturing out of the house to create every single polaroid. The Instant Film Venture is your chance to get art that no one else will have the chance to get.

Surround yourself with one of a kind art for a life more beautiful.