Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #224

Start your Monday off right

  1. Have you ever wanted to read your therapist’s notes? The “notes from your therapist” Instagram account gives you a glimpse as to what is on those pages. You have no idea who the advice is for but it can apply to nearly everyone.

  2. The stark white sand contrasts beautifully against the saturated blue sky in Navid Baraty’s images from White Sands National Monument. Add this to the list of places I want to experience.

  3. I love Kai Samuels-Davis’s portraits. They feel like the color matrix is buffering so you only get patches of the right colors.

  4. Willem Verbeeck speaks about his love of Todd Hido’s work. Its a great introduction to Hido’s amazing work.

  5. Kwang Young Chun takes geometric paper shapes and combines them to create his sculptures. I love the image where he is assembling a piece with large trash bags full of paper blocks that he will use.

  6. “When I catch myself complaining about something repeatedly, I have two options: Do something about it or let it go.” Tina Roth Eisenberg

  7. David McMillan has made 21 trips to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone bringing back these crazy images. As you click on each image, you see the same site taken years apart as time and nature slowly take the city back.

  8. The Great Discontent is back after a long hiatus with an interview with Mitzi Akaha. I always pick up something from this deep dives into a person’s story.