Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #227

Start your week off right:

  1. Unfortunately, two great photographers died this week. Doreen Spooner and Michael Wolf were very different photographers but equally impacted the world of photography.

  2. This afternoon will be spent watching the newest episode of American Masters on Gary Winogrand.

  3. Matthew Betancourt paints Impressionist scenes on the inside of Altoids tins and using the bottom part as his palette. Altoids should definitely sponsor him.

  4. Ben Simon Rehn is an insane wildlife/landscape photographer who I discovered based on his work in Madagascar. He also creates stunning drone videos of the landscape that he encounters on his trips.

  5. The close up photos of Tiffanie Turner’s crepe paper flowers dont do justice as to their size. At first, I just thought they were photographs as she did such a great job reproducing the flowers.

  6. “Our life can be measured in moments of backing off or going straight ahead—backing off of conflict, difficulty, frustration, fear or a willingness to trust and go with the moment, not because it’s comfortable but because it’s here” - Katherine Thanas

  7. Thomas Dryden-Kelsey’s series, “303”, was born from traveling a stretch of the road every weekday for school between the ages of 11 and 15.

  8. Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay is a great look into the work of a great photographer.