Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #226

Start your week off right:

  1. How to Wake up before 6 am. Matt D'Avella explains how he built the habit which has allowed him to be more productive during the day.

  2. Modern Collodion announced the winners of their 2019 Wet Plate photo competition and the results are stunning. Do not click on the link if you ever wanted to shoot wet plate because its only going to make that feeling stronger.

  3. Mohamed Lā€™Ghacham takes vintage family photographs and turns them into large murals. The video of him painting one of the murals is a great peak at the process as well.

  4. Mary Ellen Matthews has been the official photographer of SNL since 1999 taking a portrait of the host every week. Her portfolio is filled with stunning portraits of various style and techniques.

  5. Jeju Island sits off the coast of South Korea and is home to the grandma free divers. Alain Schroeder captures these amazing people who still go free diving into their 80s.

  6. Photographers Sam Abell, Arthur Meyerson & George Nobechi traveled through Japan together and spoke to The Candid Frame podcast about the trip and their experience creating work together.

  7. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker

  8. David Hockney - The Art of Seeing is now on Youtube. A great look at the incredible painter as he exhibited his latest body of work.

  9. Ryan Walker is fascinated by those who chose to live off the land away from modern life. I love the portrait of the kid holding the moose antlers.