Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #225

Start your day off right:

  1. I discovered Pajeon (Korean savory pancakes) at my local Korean restaurant and I can’t get enough of them. This recipe includes shrimp but you can basically throw anything in them.

  2. I haven’t used Simply Framed but I have so much art which need frames that I might as well pick up a few frames.

  3. I love this idea for an anti-drawing machine. It moves the paper as you are drawing creating one of a kind images out of the chaos.

  4. The New York Times Magazine commissioned photographer, Thomas Struth, to photograph New York from on top of the tallest buildings in the city. This is behind the scenes of that project.

  5. Martin Schneider created a tiny 3-D printed etching press that he is kickstarting.

  6. Kitt Bennett creates large murals on the pavement or roofs of buildings where the final image is only visible from the air.

  7. "You become what you give your attention to...If you yourself don't choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will.” Epictetus

  8. An interesting conversation on the evolution of street photography with Alex and Rebecca Norris Web.

  9. Abigail Varney captures the rough life of the Australian outback in her series, “Rough & Cut”.