Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #219

Start your week off right:

  1. In order to reach Plateau Point, you must hike down 3K feet from the rim of the Grand Canyon. A typewriter was set up and hikers were asked to write out there thoughts. Some were funny and other were profound.

  2. Letterist is a great resource to find the best newsletters on a topic of your choice. My newsletter subscriptions have definitely grown after this discovery.

  3. I received March & Rock #14 from Maarten Rots this week and I cant recommend it enough. Rots’s work continues to challenge my own ideas about photography in ways I appreciate.

  4. Kristy Mitchell spends months creating elaborate sets and wardrobe to create a single image. The results are stunning. She spoke to My Modern Met about her exhibit, Wonderland.

  5. Zak Waters interviews Magnum photojournalist, Ian Berry, about his work photographing the racial divide in South Africa in the 60s. I highly recomend following Water’s youtube channel.

  6. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. - Karim Seddiki

  7. Sean Tucker sat down with fellow photographer, Ondrej Vachek, and talked about his journey getting started in conflict photography.

  8. The Sand That Ate The Sea” is a series on the South Australian Opal mining town of Andamooka by Matthew Thorne. A great series of people on the edge of the wilderness struggling to make a life.

  9. Reading “A creative person’s guide to thoughtful promotion” is on my list of things to do today, I definitely struggle with this side of the hustle.