Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #222

Start your week off right:

  1. Did you know most of the wasabi we are familiar with is actually horseradish that has been dyed green. The Atlantic profiled a wasabi farmer in rural Japan growing the difficult plant. I know want to try the real stuff now.

  2. Jared Middleton creates dramatic scenes with his childhood toys and photographs them. I love how he uses smoke bombs and firecrackers to create the special effects rather than photoshopping them in.

  3. Dogfish Head Brewery teamed up with Kodak to produce a beer that you can also use it to develop super 8 film (with the addition of vitamin C and baking soda).

  4. The artist, Rone, turned this giant abandon mansion into an art installation. The crazy part of the project is that he sourced all the furniture and pieces in the house to amply the paintings on the walls.

  5. Gary Briechle’s series, Maine, is not the work you imagine typically being created in the state. A great series even though some of these images are hard to look at.

  6. Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations. Mae Jemison

  7. The New York Times sat down with Alec Soth and talked to him about art and doubt.

  8. Elliot Ross grew up in rural Colorado so it was natural to use his camera to tell the story of the Plainsmen.

  9. Lauren Tepfer speaks about her journey and her love of color photography.