Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #217

Start your week off right

  1. I never considered that I could make my own vermouth but this recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs seems rather easy. I will definitely be making a bottle in the future.

  2. I am absolutely terrible at naming a new project or idea. Onym is a complete resource to help you come up with the name you need.

  3. Borut Peterlin mixed up a few B&W film developers to test out. What is different is that he mixed up most of them from their raw ingredients and not a prepared mix which you just add water.

  4. Thomas Jorion photographs abandoned structures which are being returned to nature through the passage of time with his 4x5. Its crazy to see the former glory on display.

  5. “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” ― Marcus Aurelius

  6. Lens Culture released their Documentary Storytelling Winners. A great list of photographs to check out.

  7. Lois Bielefeld’s work reminds me of Gregory Crewdson. Here is an interview with Lois about her work and photographic journey.

  8. The streets of NYC is a great destination for street photographers and David Nelson-Hospers’s work is another great reminder of that.