Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #211

Start your week off right:

  1. Seth Gould hand built this iron puzzle box modeled after the 16th and 17th century armada boxes. He made every tiny detail down to the screws. I absolutely love watching a true craftsman at work.

  2. 1959 is often championed as the most influential year in jazz music. The 1959 Project shares each day what happened in jazz on that day back in 1959. The photography begin shared alone makes this a fascinating look back in time.

  3. Matthew Shlian creates these paper sculptures that appear to move and change as you vary your viewing angle. I would love to know how he figured out how to do this.

  4. Alex Bartsch tracks down where vinyl album covers were shot and photographs the cover in the original location. Its amazing how similar the places seem to be.

  5. Clive Head’s paintings pull ideas from multi-exposure photography and cubism to represent the chaos of city life. The paintings just pull me in trying to make scene of each element.

  6. "Photography is like life. What does it all mean? I don’t know, but you get an impression, a feeling... I’m very suspicious of people who say they know what it means."

    - Leonard Freed

  7. Island is a really cute stop animation video. I love the combination of fictitious creatures and the colors to create a really entertaining world. My son will definitely like this.

  8. Hundreds of artist created work on post-it notes for the annual Post-It Show. I love how each artist worked with the constraints of the medium and ended up with very diverse pieces.

  9. The winter snow allows Swiss photographer, Pierre Pellegrini, to create these gorgeous minimalist landscape photographs. It almost makes me wish for snow.

  10. Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration shares the fascinating process of restoring ancient paintings to their former glory. The difference is pretty amazing once he has cleaned the piece.

  11. Wired magazine looks at how photography is affecting our brain. A fascinating look at what selfies do to our view of ourselves and how it changes how we remember events.