Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume 214

Start your week off right:

  1. I love this 100 square foot prefab cabin. I just need to get some land or a backyard big enough to get one.

  2. The Camera Gallery has started posting photo book reviews on YouTube and they are great. I have watched most of them and added a few books to my wish list. The review of Doggerland by Brian David Stevens is a great example of the work they are doing.

  3. The Adobe Creative Residency is open for applications. Its definitely worth a shot.

  4. Leah Pattem has been photographing Madrid’s no frills bar (there version of dive bar) as they disappear due to a changing commercial landscape. I love how each one is unique in its design and colors.

  5. Its mesmerizing watching James Flames print his widely colorful posters. He had to have done so many experiments to figure out how the color work together and react when layered.

  6. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

    — Steve Jobs

  7. Maria Strum has photographed the Lumbee tribe who live in the small town of Pembroke, NC. Its a great portrait of a people struggling against the common idea of what they should be.

  8. 5 Tips to Starting a Daily Creative Practice. One of my goal this year is to establish a daily creative practice. I think they are widely beneficial in ways you can even imagine when you begin.

  9. I immediately watch any video John Free puts out as they are highly motivational and educational. He shared the color abstracts he created while working in an auto body shop in LA.