Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #212

Start your week off right:

  1. I love when street artists like Octavi Serra use their surroundings as a way to be funny. I cracked up at the “road is lava” painting on the white part of the cross walk.

  2. A librarian turned a 110 year old tree stump into a free library outside her house in Idaho. Its both beautiful and functional.

  3. If you need free music for a project, the music composer, Joel Corelitz, made a bunch of his scores available for download.

  4. Colin Ridgway captures the diverse faces found in NYC reinforcing how great the city is for street photography.

  5. Lynsey Addario ‘s book, “Of Love & War” is both beautiful and gut wrenching as photojournalism can be. I am adding this to my wish list.

  6. “It’s easy to get over a creative block, just remind yourself that you’ll be dead.”

    — Oliver Jeffers

  7. Enrico Markus Essl takes a very different route with his street photography compared to Colin Ridgway. I love the photo with the three benches and two ladies.

  8. Booooooom released their 2018 64 photos by 64 photographers. A great resource to find new photographers.

  9. Sean Tucker’s dad walks through his albums shot during his time in the Royal Navy. A great reminder of the power of a photograph.