The Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #191

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Kaffeeform took used coffee grounds and natural glues to create this awesome coffee cups. They look like they were crafted from marble wood. 
  2. I have no idea how sculptor, Alex Chinneck, added a zipper to the front of this condemned building in Kent, England. I originally thought it was painted to appear like a zipper but it is in fact real.  
  3. You have no idea who Jerry and Rita Alter are but all the evidence points to them as the thieves of a Willem de Kooning in 1985. This is all coming out after their death when their estate was sold to an antiques dealer who discovered the de Kooning in the collection. 
  4. The photographer, Steve Roe, combined a fractal prism and the neon lights of Japan to create these images which feel like they were taken out of Blade Runner. 
  5. The photo book publisher, The Velvet Cell, is having a 50% off summer sale and it ends today (August 6th). Check out their collection if you want to add to your photobook library. 
  6. “I used to resent obstacles along the path, thinking ‘if only that hadn’t happened life would be so good.’ then I suddenly realized, life is the obstacles. There is no underlying path.” – Janna Levin 
  7. John Dykstra's surreal photographs blew me away. He combines 2D and 3D elements perfectly to throw off the viewer.  His work is so unlike anyone else I have seen. 

  8. Instead of focusing on the crazy summer street festivals in Spain,  David Salcedo found the quiet moments that surround these raucous events in his series, Fuchina.  

  9. Ruth Beatty, a designer for North Face, talks about the necessity of vulnerability in creative work.  A great message that deserves reminding. 

  10. Illustrator Christoph Niemann spoke at Ted about how artists tap into emotion and our minds all without using words. We are fluent in a visual language without realizing it.