Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #193

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The music from Super Nintendo runs through my childhood. I never realized what a big step in terms of game/music design the system was. The great series Nerdwriter explores how they made music of the Super Nintendo. 
  2. Kerby Rosanes creates these crazy geometric animals with pencil and pen. I would love to see how he creates each piece. 

  3. Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland build miniature sets and then photograph their pet snail interacting with the sets. The gif on the snail on the skateboard cracked me up. 

  4. I love the combination of colors and movement in Christy Lee Rodgers's underwater photography. Each image just pulls you into the frame.  

  5. Alishia Farnan photographed the social clubs which have dominated social life in Scotland for a long time but are dying out. You can almost imagine what these buildings feel like from this set of images. 

  6. "I am often asked by younger designers and emerging creatives what I think of their work. My stock answer is that it’s not important what I think of your work— what’s important is what YOU think of your work. What’s important is how it makes you feel and how you get it out the door. Don’t even think to judge your work, just keep making. If your work is bad, keep making until it’s good. Judge not, just keep making."
    James Victore
  7. Joe Clinfton traveled through Turkey with his camera capturing the diversity found in the country. I love the image of all the hot air balloons taking off over the city. 

  8. Matt D'Avella spoke to T.K. Coleman, the education Director at Praxis, an apprenticeship program designed to give an alternative to college, on his Ground Up podcast. I love the title of episode, Dreams Don't Come True, Decisions Do