Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #187

Start your Monday off right:

  1. One of my favorite food blogs, Lady & Pups, created a number of "instant" soup mixes allowing you to enjoy Pho and Japanese Curry Udon at home without buying the mystery pack from the grocery store. 
  2. Napkin finance makes financial concepts simple to understand by using illustrations on a napkin to convey the ideas. 
  3. I love when My Modern Met does a sketchbook post. All I want to do is flip through the rest of the pages of each sketchbook. 
  4. Tiny Heirloom makes these gorgeous small houses on wheels. I would love to put one of these on a lake in the middle of no where. 
  5. Every so often Hiut Denim company releases their Do One Thing Well list which 75 products or experiences which caught their eye. I always find something interesting on this list. 
  6. David Rothenberg explores the neighborhood of East Elmhurst, Queens which lives under the constant barrage of planes landing at LaGuardia Airport. The planes are so low to the ground at various points that he can capture faces of people staring out of the window. 
  7. "It’s as simple and as complex as that. You’re the only you that’s ever been. Keep showing up despite the chaos. Be humble in the pursuit of your art and ruthless about finding the time to make it. Find friends with whom you can weather the tragic gaps. Give one another loving, honest feedback and teach each other how to make money in weird, sustaining ways. Collaborate and commiserate. Make relationships that are reciprocal, not transactional. Make lives that aren’t easy, but rife with good material. Make art that matters."
    — Courtney Martin
  8. The coastal town of Lowestoft in Suffolk is the subject of Kate Hayward's series, "Between Darkness and Light".  I love how even if she didnt show the see, you could tell pretty quickly that the town was on the coasts. 

  9. Raymond Depardon did everything from photo journalism to landscape photography from the 1960s to the 1990s. He is another photographer I have never heard but his work is fabulous. 

  10. I have linked to both Giles Dudley and Zach Wolfe's work in the past but I just stumbled on new videos from both photographers. Each story is inspiring in very different ways. 

  11. Ashleigh Coleman did the latest episode of "Photowalks" with Local Analog. You get to see how she works and interacts with people to create her wonderful portrait of the south. 

  12. Austin Kleon's recent post, "You don’t have to live in public", resonated with a growing desire in me to stop much of my social media use. As soon as I begin to entertain these ideas, my FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in hardcore.