Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #190

Start your Monday off right:

  1. I know no idea how you create pasta as colorful as Linda Miller Nicholson but her results are stunning. Her interview with Saveur provides a little more backstory on her process. 
  2. We all can picture the conductor waving his arms in front of the orchestra but what is he actually doing on stage? This video explains what the conductor is doing with each gesture. 
  3. The legendary architect, Frank Gehry, talks about creating feeling with his designs and how he came to pull from the design of fish for some of his buildings. 
  4. Melissa McCracken sees colors when she hears to music, a condition called synesthesia, and these beautiful paintings are the colors she hears. Its crazy to think of music in terms of color like this. 
  5. Peter Braunholz traveled 20K miles through the small towns and villages in Europe creating subtle "urban" landscapes for his series, Topophilia. This is a perfect example of a series which relies on the whole body of work rather than a single image. 
  6. “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”
    – Albert Einstein
  7. Lenscratch 2018 Road Trip Exhibition is a great photo collection of the classic summer road trip.  

  8. Scott Belsky talks about his new book, The Messy Middle, which is the part of any creative work where the initial excitement has worn off but you havent finished it yet. Many creative projects have died in this phase. 

  9. In classic internet clickbate titles, These 20 Pictures Will Teach You More than Reading 100 Books is a pretty far fetched title even though the pictures/article is solid.