Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #188

Start your Monday off right now:

  1. I stumbled across the Instagram account, Cabin Love, and it only heightened my desire to buy a piece of land in the middle of nowhere and build a cabin on it. Cabin Love teamed up with Prairie Mountain Folk School to offer classes in building your own cabin. 
  2. Chef Brian Konefal of Coppa Cafe explains why foraging for ingredients is so vital for him and his restaurant. I love how he takes parts of a plant that I would never think of eating. 
  3. Photographer, Tom Hegen, flew above the nearly 2 billion blooming tulips in Holland to create this colorful and abstract series. If I stumbled on these in a museum, I would be hard pressed to figure them out. 
  4. These 5 woman fashion photographer who helped changed the fashion industry. A great look at some photographers who may have been ignored so far. 
  5. Ben Lowly started off at a war photographer but left the battle field after numerous tours to get into photojournalism and underwater photography. A great talk on how to tell story with your camera. 
  6. β€œIt's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.” ― Chuck Palahniuk
  7. Masaki Yamamoto spent a couple years capturing his family's daily life spent in their small one room house.  

  8. Olivier Bekaert brought his film cameras to Japan and his images show a different side of the country as he focuses more on the rural elements instead of Tokyo. 

  9. Photographers, Daniel Arnold and Andre Wagner, team up for New York Times article on the "The Impolite Pleasure of People-Watching". I love how each one has their own style but they work together so well. 

  10. Bruce Polin pulls a cart carrying his 8x10 camera and equipment through Prospect Park looking for people who his sit for portraits. The resulting series is top notch.