Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #185

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The skateboarder, Braydon Szafranski, bombs down the long windy road leading out of Arches National Park in Moab, UT. The video instantly brought me back to visiting the park with its insane views. 
  2. Dan Mancina lost his vision due to a degenerative eye disease yet he refused to stop skateboarding. He explains how he has to find obstacles with reference points which allow him to hit the trick without seeing it.   
  3. The famous street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, kept massive scrapbooks that he used as references for his photographs. I love seeing behind the scenes look at people's creative processes. 
  4. Justin Peters takes stock photographs and combines them to create this fantastic surreal images. It would be fun to see a video of how he edits these together. 
  5. Manne Wahlström is a portrait photographer who style ranges from classic environmental portraits to more conceptional work. 
  6. “People that feel happy, successful, and fulfilled by their lives and work all have one thing in common: they feel as though they are making progress on something that matters...what I do, as stupid as it sounds, is I don’t focus on balancing everything. I focus on just making sure I make progress on one thing a day. That’s right you heard me, just one thing a day that matters to me. Now, if I can make progress on one thing a day that matters to me, then I can let go and let the rest of my day get hijacked by kids, by my spouse, by phone calls, by emails, by social media, by all kinds of things that come up and tend to hijack your day when you are a busy person.”
    – Mel Robbins
  7. Unlearning might be as important as learning as the world keeps changing at an ever increasing pace. Derek Sivers points this out in a recent post on the subject. 

  8. I stumbled on Frank Ockenfels 3's work and immediately fell down the rabbit hole watching as many interviews as I could. This is my favorite interview where he talks about how photograph doesnt have rules.  

  9. The Observers asks visual artists (mostly photographers) for the photobooks which inspired them the most. They just started but it looks like it will be a great resource for photobooks. 

  10. Seth Godin reveals two secrets for generating good ideas.

  11. Mark Manson explains that certain things in life become more difficult as we try harder (the relationship between effort and reward become inverted). A really interesting concept that I need to explore further. 

  12.   Rainer Maria Rilke on the lonely patience of creative work