Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #184

Start your Monday off right:

  1. As the World Cup kicked off this weekend, the Atlantic complied a photo essay of soccer fields from around the world. The diversity of the fields is insane from the top of buildings and mountains to on ice floats. 
  2. Micheal Greenfield creates custom guitars and he shares his process in this hour long documentary. I love watching craftsman at the top of their game work. 
  3. The Faroe Islands are often these bright green islands in the middle of nowhere but Felix Linden captured the islands covered in snow. I love the moody 3rd image with the glow of the sun radiating from behind the dark clouds. 
  4. David Bowen set up a flower stack in Minnesota and had its movements from the wind copied by a set of flower stacks in Spain. The result art exhibit is memorizing. 
  5. Matthew Brandt recreated George N. Barnard’s 19th century images of a devastated, post-Sherman Atlanta in his new series, 1864. The common albumen recipe was supplemented with ingredients which often define the South. 
  6. “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of others, instead, seek what they sought.” — Matsuo Basho
  7. Joey L recently did a series on a coconut farm in Thailand. Its a great collection of environmental portraits and I loved seeing him waist deep in a channel to get the shot. 

  8. Isabella Stahl traveled back to native Northern Sweden to create this body, The Shadow Dusk, highlighting the often lonely landscape and the ever increasing urbanization of the area.  

  9. A chance encounter with Randy outside of a casino in Ely, Nevada lead photographer, Robin de Puy, to create this series of portraits of the boy. Its amazing how one little encounter can have such a profound impact.