Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #179

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. It's called the Gambler 500 and it looks like a blast. People "race" beater cars which they have modified to be even more ridiculous along a 500 mile course in Oregon. I would love to enter this. 
  2. I probably spent way too much time scrolling through this tumblr site of memorizing black and white GIFs. They remind me of something MC Escher would create. 
  3. Oscar Oiwa created a 360 degree drawing on the insider of vinyl balloon using 120 markers allowing you to set into the middle of his drawing. 
  4. I love the juxtaposition (and humor) found in Maciej Dakowicz's street photography. I love the dog sleeping on the peddle of the bicycle. 
  5. Tom Hegen captures the stunning beauty of salt production in Europe using a drone. The majority of these images feel more like abstract paintings then photographs. 
  6. “I am the architect of my own self, my own character and destiny. It is no use whingeing about what I might have been, I am the things I have done and nothing more.”
    – Jean-Paul Sartre
  7. Renan Viana uses miniature figures to create these often humorous series. I love how he carries a tackle box of figures around with him.  

  8. I wasnt familiar with the pioneering female designer,  Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, but her design work is delightfully Swiss inspired. Her work is definitely something to study and pull inspiration from.