Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #173

Start your Monday off right:

  1. I wasnt familiar with a perpetual calendar prior to viewing this video but the end result was "simple" wooden box which advanced to the next date by flipping it. I love that the creator had to dig through old patents to figure out the mechanism for advancing the number with no machines. 
  2. One of my odder obsessions is with heirloom vegetables. I get so mad that people only associate a vegetable with its perfectly bland and shippable version found in grocery stores. I was so excited to see Row 7 Seeds startup to offer vegetable breeders a place to sell their new and old creations. 
  3. Landscape photographer, Olivier Du Tre, sat down with the crew at The Camera Store Tv to talk about his analog process and printing. 
  4. Kate Ballis transformed Palm Springs into a scene from another planet with infrared photography. I love how the green cacti turn a steel grey blue. 
  5. I never heard of Eigg Island but Danny North's series, "As I found Her",  makes me want to visit the forgotten island. I love North's environmental portraits especially the young girl sitting on the chair on the greenhouse. 
  6. "The thing is to become a master and, in your old age, to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing."                       Ernest Hemingway
  7. Carl Lavia teamed up with photographer, Lorna Le Bredonchel, to produce large scale architectural sketches of 69 UK cities. I would love to stand in front of these massive drawing and find all the little details buried in each piece. 

  8. Pau Buscató is a street photographer from Oslo, Norway who finds these great juxtaposition and color combination.  

  9.  Kazuaki Harada builds these whimsical wooden toys. His Instagram is filled with great videos of his creations.  

  10. Photographer, Sam Parkes, traveled throughout Cuba capturing the youth of the island in black and white.