Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #176

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Did you know a prized camel can sell for more than 1 million dollars? Neither did I but Vice sent a reporter to the famous camel races in Saudi Arabia. There is even a camel beauty pageant.  
  2. On the opposite spectrum of racing, the DIY Hack Derby invites bike frame builders to build a bike for under $400 by hand and race each over a couple of days. I love the idea and seems like a ton of fun. 
  3. I was not familiar with the work of the Dutch street photographer, Ed van der Elsken, but his work is top notch. He started on the streets of Amsterdam right after World War 2 and helped define how the Dutch saw themselves post war. 
  4. Rachelle Mendez finds colorful minimal scenes in the cross sections of buildings. A few in this set almost appear like paintings rather than photographs.  
  5. Kevin Faingnaert spent 3 months traveling through Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru and created this love letter to this part of the world. This part of the world is gorgeously different and diverse. 
  6. “Being poor is not having too little, it is wanting more.” Seneca
  7. I am fascinated how people can create stop motion movies of the scale of "Isle of Dogs". They have to create each expression for each character. I would love to watch a documentary on the entire process. 

  8. PDN released this year's 30 Emerging Photographers list and its filled with awesome work. A great place to find inspiration and something different. 

  9.  Masha Ivashintsova's daughter found 30K negatives in her attic after her passing. The images reveal what life was like during the USSR. 

  10. In the area of time management and productivity hacking, we are terrified about doing nothing. Jenny Odell argues that doing nothing is precisely the place to figure out what is next. You need to create space for new ideas to form.