Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #169

Start your Monday off right

  1. Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours was preeminent encyclopedia of colors and where the colors are located in nature. This book as been replaced by Pantone books or the internet. 
  2. Fried chicken (in my humble opinion) is one of the best things in life. The combination of the crunch paired with juicy chicken warms my heart. This recipe for Beijing Supermarket Fried Chicken looks particularly delicious.  
  3. You may not know who Louis Draper but his photographs of Harlem will make you remember. After his death, his sister spent every Sunday for a year organizing the negatives and slides from 45 years of shooting. 
  4. Two friends teamed up to sail 2 boats up the waterways of Europe. One boat is a collaborative space for discussions and workshops and the other is a giant camera obscura. 
  5. Visual designer, Dimitris Ladopoulos, turned his two favorite paintings in color treemaps and had them printed in 3D with textured fabric. I love to stand in front of these. 
  6. "If you wish to improve, be content to appear clueless or stupid in extraneous matters - don't wish to seem knowledgeable. And if some regard you as important, distrust yourself."      Epictetus 
  7. Frank Chimero has a fascinating idea dubbed, "whiteboard accounting", to figure out how much money you need as a freelancer and then stop working on commercial projects after you hit that number. 

  8. If you are looking a single website to find new photographers, Woman Photograph is a comprehensive list of female documentary photographers across the globe. The work on display is top notch. 

  9. Austin Kleon points out that the way we talk about influence is backwards. The past doesn't influence present but rather the present plays with ideas of the past. 

  10. David DuChemin lays out three obstacles which often prevent photographers from mastering their craft. Spoiler alter...its not the camera you use.