Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #206

Start your week off right

  1. You probably have your menu all planned out for Thanksgiving but here are some “never fail” recipes if you need any last minute inspiration.

  2. I absolutely love Vox deconstruct the important jazz recordings. I never learned much about music and these videos help build my music understanding. Today, they break down John Coltrane’s Giant Step.

  3. GMB Akash is a Bangladeshi photographer who captures a world far removed from our own. Stunning work

  4. Ceramic artist Anna Whitehouse did a 100 day project where she made a similar pot every day to push her creative limit. I love this type of project and her pots illustrate it’s creative potential.

  5. Jeremy Lock initially has assigned to be a darkroom printer for the spy plane program before making the transition to a war photographer with the Air Force. He earned Military Photographer of the Year seven times by the Defense Department.

  6. This great short film was shot through the ground glass of a medium format camera. I love how the ground glass frames everything compared to “background”.

  7. “I would rather have questions I can’t answer than answers I can’t question.” — Max Tegmark

  8. Landscape photographer, Alex Strohl, talks about his process and what catches his eye.

  9. Rocio Montoya creates beautiful surreal collages from her photographs. I love how she took photograph and added to it.