Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #203

Start your week off right:

  1. This video is absolutely insane. Two guys base jumped off a cliff high up in the Alps with wing suits on and landed in an airplane in mid air.

  2. The Pow Wow street art festival traveled to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Here is a great recap of the art and the art scene in Holland’s second largest city.

  3. I love Sergio Ingravalle’s thought provoking illustrations inspired by modern life.

  4. Leah Kennedy took a small Cessna and a helicopter above Namibia’s color landscape to create these stunning images.

  5. Julia Faber mixes nature scenes with robots in these fascinating collections of illustrations.

  6. “Anytime one ventures into new territory there is a feeling of discomfort/uneasiness. That is how you will know that you are evolving. If you were comfortable you would be in a rut and that is no place for enlightened being.”

    — Debbra Lupen

  7. Ilford highlighted the work of Joe Brook’s skateboarding photography in a new video.

  8. Moises Levy’s street photography purposely violates many traditional conventions to produce these great collection. His style pulls you into the frame as you try to figure it out.