Schrodinger's Camera

This is the crazy idea you may have heard Dave Allen and I came up with live on Episode #41 of the Creative Bar. Could you create a great photograph with a disposable camera without knowing the film you are using? 

Schrödinger's cat is the famous thought experiment of quantum mechanics applying the idea of superposition to an "everyday experience". The cat is simultaneously alive or dead until you open the box and determine the answer. The film is simultaneously color and black and white until you find out the answer. The film is simultaneously ISO 100 to ISO 1600 until you get your negatives back. 

  • Sign up and we will send you a load disposable camera. (It will take us a little bit to load up the disposable cameras and shipping them out)
  • You can shot whatever you want 
  • Send the camera back to us and we will develop it for you 
  • We will create a book out of the results. 
  • We will send each photographer a copy of the book and their negatives. This will be the first time the photographers will be able to see their images. 
  • We will sell the book to fund the cameras, film, and book production costs 
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If you would like to donate to this project, there is the cash donate button below. All the cash will used exclusively to this project and not my personal slush fund. If you would like to send film in, shot me a message on here or any of my social media platforms for my address.