Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #166

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. Luca Iaconi-Stewart has spent close to decade building a 1/60th scale model of a Boeing 777 out of Manila folders. This goes beyond any paper airplane that I have ever built. 
  2. Two biologist have traveled extensively throughout the tropics cataloging fungi. The variety on display is insane and often looks like its from another planet. 
  3. Caleb Jenkins captures life in rural Virginia. It feels like a world completely different to my own. He is also producing his own zines. 
  4. A man builds a log cabin by himself without a chainsaw. The amount of work necessary to finish the dwelling makes you thankfully for not having to do it. 
  5. Mike Olbinski chases powerful storms across Arizona and created this beautiful black and white time lapse video. A great reminder how powerful nature is. 
  6. “Generosity is luck going in the opposite direction, away from you. If you’re generous to someone, if you do something to help him out, you are in effect making him lucky. This is important. It’s like inviting yourself into a community of good fortune.”
    – Twyla Tharp
  7. OVMD design studio produces logos that appear hand drawn from the 50s. I love the style and absolutely great work. 
  8. Photographer and film maker, Ryan Scott, produced a bitter sweet portrait of Fishtown (a small neighborhood in Philadelphia) by following one of its former residents, Denis Bowers, around. "Fishtown Soldier" feels like the neighborhood its documenting. 
  9. Everyone in photographing knows who Robert Frank was but I did not realize how ground breaking his book, "The Americans" was. Prior to its publication, photography had never been the sole focus of a book. 
  10. Warren King is recreating the individuals from his Grandfather's small village in China using nothing but cardboard and glue. The results are insanely expressive sculptures out of such a humble medium. 
  11. One of my favorite websites for introducing new ideas and thoughts is Brian Pickings. They released Best of 2017 and it contains some gems. 
  12. Alexander Davis captures the timeless enormity of the outdoors. I absolutely love the first image of the American West with the tiny road heading toward the rock formations.