Mail Bag - Volume #1


"A Cautionary Tale" by James Cockroft

A small folded zine on the demise of the Sanger-Harris department store and its mural which James has passed since childhood. After the store changed hands multiple times and finally closed, James finally stopped by to photograph the mural only to find the building being demolished. This a great reminder to take the picture when you have the chance because it might not be there in the future. The combination of (I am guessing) expired film, plus older (maybe cheaper camera) and DIY printing of the zine really reinforce the idea of photographing memories. 


"Flat Circle #1" by Fabi Woods

This is the first zine in what will hopefully be a long run of bi-annual publications contain the world and life which swirls around Fabi Woods. I was really impressed with the sequencing as it feels like it start with wide unknown world and tightens till it reaches a intimate portrait of his pregnant fiance in the middle and then circled back out.  


"Haddock Et Frites" by Andy Parslow | CJ Henry | Darren Rose  

I love the idea behind this zine. Three photographers spend 48 hours in a particular town (Brussels) and produced a zine from the resulting images. Each photographer's style blend perfectly into a cohesive publication even with using different cameras and films. I hope they keep doing these.