Thoughts my 365 project

Tomorrow marks the end of my 365 project. It honestly feels weird to arrive at the end. For most of the last year, the end felt has so far away. I only missed posting an image on 2 days. It wasnt that I was busy but rather I just put it off and forgot about it as I went to bed. I let chores of the day prevent me from uploading an image. The failures only reinforced the importance of doing the vital things in the day first and then you can do whatever you want. Here are my thoughts on the end of my 365.

  • Creative boredom is my creative fuel. I hate the feeling of producing the same image over and over again. Once I have creatively explored everything a process has to offer, I need to change up the process. I will add another variable or take something away. Embrace the uncomfortable feeling of being forced to produce work while simultaneously not being satisfied with the work you are creating. You will find a solution if you give yourself time and energy. 
  • The power of a 365 project is that you reached the above uncomfortable feeling quickly and often. I have seen more than one photographer quit rather then face this uncomfortable feeling. Embrace the fact that not every image you post will go into your portfolio and focus on growing creatively. 
  • For my, quantity drives quality. I dont have the personality to painstakingly frame the image just right and measure the light to ensure its exposed exactly as I intend. I am not a creative sniper. My strength is being able to put bullets down range (to continue this analogy). I will create my best work burning through rolls of film. In the midst of the failures, I find my favorite images. 
  • Play the telephone game with your style (or another photographer's style). I started the 365 project "reproducing" Ernst Haas's motion work with a pinhole camera. I am ending the 365 project "reproducing" my pinhole work with a traditional camera. Each attempt to interpret a style or an idea create a mutation in the original idea. A stylistic feedback loop keeps layering the mutations until your images are vastly different than the original idea. 
  • I want to work in longer photographic form. Right now, I feel my work is single images tied together via my style. I want to create a body of work that is understood and appreciated as a body of work. I have no idea how this feeling will manifest or what that work might be. 

I should have tracked exactly how many rolls of film I shot but here is my rough estimation.

85 rolls of 120 (medium format) film. 

  • 10 Rolls of Delta 3200 
  • 30 Rolls of Ektar 100
  • 25 Rolls of Portra 400
  • 10 Rolls of HP5 400
  • 10 Rolls of FP4+ 125

Add another 20 rolls of 35mm film ranging from Adox Color Implosion, Fujichrome, Ektar 100, HP5, Fuji Superia 1600, Kodak Gold 400, and Kodak Elite Chrome.

So what's next......I dont know exactly. I am pretty sure that I want to do a 365 with all instant film. I will shot and post on the same day. The idea is to mix instax with polaroid and my remain stock of fuji peel apart film. I might start it this weekend at Polacon 2017 down in Dallas. We shall see.

Thanks for following this project and all encouragement.