Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #150

Start your Monday off right:

  1. How to Talk Minnesotan is for my Dad's side of the family who originated from the land of 1000 lakes.  
  2. As the Hurricane Irma prepared to slam into Florida, this article on how zoos attempt to handle the fury popped up. The best part of the whole article is the picture of the flamingos huddled in a bathroom staring at the mirror. 
  3. Italian-born photographer, Daniel Faro, traveled through Britain's most western portion of the island, Cornwall. I have no idea how far the area is from London but these beautiful photos feel a world part from the capital.  
  4. Lecia is a legendary name in photography. The brand shares how they assemble a legendary M10 camera.  
  5. Maximilian Motel created this amazing series combing an astronaut roaming the deserted streets of Cuba. I would love to know if the astronaut was added in post or part of the original photograph.  
  6. Edo Zollo wanders the streets of London after dark capturing those who are fighting the draw of their bed. A great collection of moody images with an almost cinematic feel to them. 
  7. "If you're to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start."             Charles Bukowski 
  8. Nassim Nicholas Taleb burst into the public eye with the book, Black Swan. He is working on his fifth book on risk and posting chapters prior to finishing the manuscript. The logic of risk taking has helped enlighten what proper risk taking is. 

  9. Micheal Pederson leaves these hilarious signs and street "installations" around Sydney. I would love to see people's reaction to stumbling on one of these.  

  10. It may seem like a small goal but tremendous progress can be made if you get 1% better every day. The power of compounding is well understood in financial terms. The same lessons apply to every endeavor as James Clear points out.