Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #143

Start your week off right

  1. A concrete espresso machine might not be everyone's cup of tea but it stopped me in my tracks. The rough grey concrete pairs so well (in my opinion) with the shiny metal and white ceramic. 
  2. Artist, Lee Ji-hee, built gorgeous paper models of vintage cameras. I wonder if I could take one of this cameras and actually take a picture with it.  
  3. Theis playful set of architectural photographs is the work of the couple, Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda. They interact with patterns in the buildings to often create funny images. 
  4. Daniel Heath didnt start out screen printing but after learning the technique in university, he quickly embraced the possibilities. Screen printing allows him to place his intricate drawings on all sorts of materials including wallpaper and stone. 
  5. Odds are you have seen Maddie the Coonhound on the internet before as the photogenic sidekick to photographer, Theron Humphrey, on his travels around the USA. The combo has broken the internet a couple times over the years.  
  6. Shane Arsenault built a DIY 16x20 camera to create gorgeous portraits. I know what to build my own version of the camera for a project. 
  7. “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” — Pablo Picasso
  8. The voices in our head often lie to us. This is even more true fighting with depression or at a low point in your career/life. 

  9. Jeff Goins released a new book, "Real Artists Don't Strave" and I am half through the great book. He is on the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast talking about his book.  

  10. Jocelyn K. Glei digs into the vital notion of "how to feel progress".  Tracking the small measurable wins in the face of the long hard journey through a career can make a profound difference in how we feel about our career.