Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #142

Start your week off right:

  1. Daniel Patterson walked away from position at Coi, a two-Michelin-star restaurant in San Francisco, to build a fast food restaurant in a low income neighborhood in LA. This is the story of Locol. 
  2. You may have a picked up that I love artists who build miniature models of a fantasy world and Vera van Wolferen is another brilliant artist who fits that description. I particularly enjoy the models housed in glass. 
  3. Taylor Mazer might be best describe as "street" illustrator similar to a street photographer specializing in a moody black and white drawings of his city. His Instagram account is filled with fun behind the scenes look at how he creates his drawings. 
  4. Thomas Campbell has been best described as an art misfit. He is a film maker, illustrator, and sculptor with a style which is uniquely his own. 
  5. Ryan Holiday is a veracious reader and his random "book club" recommendations are often the best I have seen. He just released the best 26 business books he has read. Ryan as just released a new book (which I bought but havent started yet) and he shared his process for writing the book
  6. “I happen to be in a very tough business where there are no alibis. It is good or it is bad and the thousand reasons that interfere with a book being as good as possible are no excuses if it is not…Taking refuge in domestic successes, being good to your broke friends, etc. is merely a form of quitting.”
    - Ernest Hemingway
  7. Extraordinary Routines interviews creatives about their daily routines. Its a fun look at how people can be so different while also sharing many common themes. 

  8. Learning new skills (in my opinion) has never been more important for your success in an ever changing world. These are the 4 keys to learning anything

  9. The conversation between Sam Harris and physicist, Geoffrey West, on the science of how organism (and cities are included in this) grow, expand, and die was fascinating though a little dense at times.