Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #139

Start your Monday off right:

  1. I never thought on a panoramic notebook but after seeing this notepad, the idea makes perfect sense. I backed the project and I look forward to receiving mine. 
  2. A film score composer who works a lot on horror movies commissioned a guitar maker to build the "The Apprehension Engine" which has  everything you need to create the creepy sounds found in the genre.
  3. Instagram videos of a porcelain artist, Haruya Abe, craving the surface pieces seems rather dull but I went into an almost hypnotic trance watching them. The skill and craft on display is insane. 
  4. There is a subreddit entitled, "Accidental Wes Anderson", containing photographs of real places which seem to taking directly from a Wes Anderson movie. 
  5. This might be one of the prettiest skate videos I have ever seen. Aaron Herrington and Brian Delatorre skate around New York City at night in black and white. There is a funny feeling timelessness to the video which often not the case with skate videos. 
  6. "The more stuff you do, the more you give luck a chance to find you."
    - Scott Adams
  7. Mark Powell uses simple ballpoint pen and creates amazing portraits on old envelopes, papers, and newspapers. The combination of the underlying paper and the drawings merger together beautifully. 

  8. Shane Parrish runs the Farnam Street blog (which I often reference) shares his Five Books You’ve Never Heard of That Will Change Your Life