Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #135

Start your Monday off right: 

  1. If you looked at my bookshelf right now, you would notice I owe a ton of cookbooks. I find so much joy finding nuggets of information in the recipes. This blogger shares her 33 things she learned from this season's cookbooks
  2. Small group of people are forgoing the traditional house for a much smaller mobile version. Escape Traveler builds beautiful tiny homes for those who want such a life but dont want to build their own house. 
  3. Three photographers traveled to India and explored a very tiny part of a vastly diverse country. The resulting video reminded me of spending a couple years there. Now I want to go back with my camera. 
  4. Matt Eich's series, "Carry Me Ohio", explores rural Ohio almost always forgotten. The resulting images are powerful look at that side of America.  
  5. Andre Wagner is one of my favorite street photographers working today. "Capturing Love, the Brooklyn Way" looks at how people interact on the streets. 
  6. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
    – William Arthur Ward
  7. Matt Blease has a beautiful minimalist monochromatic style often incorporating humor into his work. His Instagram feed was an instant follow. 

  8. Mirko Saviane captures brightly saturated buildings with silhouettes of people going about their day.  Absolutely brilliant work 

  9. The difference between inspiration and imitation may be one of the biggest things to understand starting out in art. Inspiration fuels your progress while imitation can be a crutch that prevents your own growth.  

  10. Personal kanban is way to visualize your to-do list and limit the number of things you are working on at one time. I am definitely going to use my chalkboard wall to implement this idea.