Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #137

Start your Monday off right:

  1. When you're 89, obsessed with trains, and own a winery, you might as well build a giant model train using a locomotive system designed over a 100 years ago using magnets. He is now trying to build a full size version for public use. 
  2. Asbury Park F.C. has everything you could want in a soccer club except for a team and playing games. It's an insider joke taken to the absolute extreme and I love every part of it. 
  3. I didnt realize Red Bull had an action sports photography page but they do and its awesome. Even if you don't have any interest in that side of photography, you can pull inspiration from the page and their instagram page.  
  4. Kris Llorens recent work pairs minimalist landscapes with bright almost unnatural colors to create these surreal images.  
  5. By tediously cutting small sections off a log of wood and applying stop motion animation techniques, Brett Foxwell created this spell binding video. The grain and knots in the wood appear to flow like waves or the tide.  
  6. "In the act of creativity, being careful guarantees sameness and mediocrity, which means your work will be invisible." - George Lois
  7. Maarten Rots is an abstract photographer who finds little slices of life which are often missed and creates beautiful photographs from them. He produces a quarterly magazine of his work, March & Rock, which i highly recommend. I own multiple issues. 

  8. While injured and unable to continue work on documenting a neighborhood in Detroit, Erik Henderson dreamed up this giant camera. The camera may not look like it did in his dreams but the results are stunning. 

  9. Jason Zook took an idea of getting paid for wearing a t-shirt and turned it into a million dollar business. And then it into a nightmare. This a great profile on his creative entrepreneurial journey. 

  10. The artist, Erik Wahl, stat down Jonthan Fields to talk about art, money, creativity, and power. A great conversation.