Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #131

Start your Monday off right:

  1. A nomadic gardener, Jim Kovaleski, grows produce in people's front yards with farms in Florida and Maine. He follows the seasons along the coast. It's amazing how much space we dont use and instead just buy produce from the grocery store. 
  2.  John Edmark creates fascinating sculptures based on the golden ratio. When rotated, they appear to as a never ending flow forming beautiful patterns similar to those found in blossoms.  
  3. Guggenheim Museum has digitized 200+ art books for your viewing pleasure. In similar vein, I highly recommend Kandinsky short essay, "Concerning The Spiritual In Art" on the role of artists in society. 
  4. The combination of ink, an aquarium, and a high speed camera created this fascinating video of ink in motion. I love when the different color inks interact and immediately turn into another color.
  5. “The reason most of us are unhappy most of the time is that we set our goals – not for the person we’re going to be when we reach them – we set our goal for the person we are when we set them.”
    – Dan Gilbert
  6. Jeff Bezos explains his process for making risky business decisions by focusing on making decisions with less information than most origination but balancing this out by quickly correcting bad decisions. A model more people should adopt. 

  7. Daniel Soames is working on a long term project documenting the neon lights of late night store fronts in NYC. The stores appear like an oasis in a sea of darkness.   

  8. "Under the Shadow of the Sun" is a six year photo project from Nadir Bucan documenting life in a remote village in Eastern Turkey. The great series speaks to a life completely different to the one we know.