Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #133

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Gravlax (aka cured salmon) feels super complicated but this basic recipe is as easy as combining a few salt and spices, covering, and waiting 12 hours. The best part is that this basic recipe is a starting point for developing your own house recipe. 

  2. Cloud inversion occurs when the warm air traps a layer of colder air inside the Grand Canyon filling it with the resulting clouds. This timeslapse captures the rare but beautiful phenomenon. 

  3. Need a fun laugh? Kids describe the future to an illustrator who then draws out their vision. 

  4. The patience and precision to complete this type of joinery is amazing. The videos of Dorian Brach using this crazy Japanese joints is both fascinating and oddly relaxing. 

  5. Carry paper and ink across 45K miles for his "The Itinerant Printer" project, Chris Fritton traveled print shop to print shop picking up work, hosting lectures, and pop-up shops.  Creative Boom interviews Chris about his journey through this project.

  6. The Zenga brothers believe tall bikes are the key to unlocking people's imagination and D.I.Y. spirit. Tall bikes are half works of art and half 'practical". They are definitely going to get people to turn their head when you ride by. 

  7. “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson
  8. Claudia Corrent's series, "Insulae", makes me want to return to Venice, Italy and explore those maze of streets with my camera. 

  9. Christophe Jacrot ventured out into Hong Kong in the rain and the resulting images are awesome. I particularly love the blurry images but that shouldnt be surprising. 

  10. Its easy to get lost trying to accomplish a large task or goal as there is so many facets which need to be done that you get paralyzed.  Leo Babauta advice is to find the smallest action that brings you closer to the goal. This small victory could have a massive impact.