Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #132

Start your Monday off right:

  1. If you have ever wondered how you can still buy "fresh" apples in the early summer, I have your answer. They are stored in special rooms devoid of oxygen preventing the natural decomposition process in a crazy state of suspended animation.  
  2. Someone is stealing sunken WW2 warships in the Pacific and no one can figure out who is doing it. 
  3. John Feely traveled through Western Mongolia in 2014 and 2015 capturing the daily lives of those trying to make in the harsh environment. The first image of the girl with a fox skin hat is so good. 
  4. When you imagine a photographer at a F1, you would not picture Joshua Paul holding his 1913 Graflex 4x5 camera. The resulting images have a beautiful sharp/blurry quality which is far more interesting than your standard racing photography. 
  5. The web comic, The Oatmeal, breaks down the process of why we easily chose to believe certain information but reject additional information/change. Interesting implications to politics. 
  6. "All the creativity books in the world aren't going to help you if you're unwilling to have lousy, lame, and even dangerously bad ideas."      
    Seth Godin 
  7. The famed graphic designer, Paul Rand, discusses the importance of play as a means of problem solving. 

  8. Warrick Mitchell lives in the wilderness of Fiordland, New Zealand completely off the grid. This profiles his daily life devoid of most of things we would consider normal. 

  9. An interesting conversation between Noah Kagan and Ryan Holiday on how "artists dont have to starve". 

  10. Todd Hido speaks about making photo books and finding joy in the process.