Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #127

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Confetti hi-fives sound like a new indie band you never heard of. However, its a simple contraption which shoots confetti with a properly executed hi-five. I want to do this in random crowds and just walk away leaving people confused what just happened. 
  2. I have never tried making gnocchi but this recipe for sweet potato and tapioca gnocchi will change that. The process looks super easy and the two accompany sauces are perfect.  
  3. RJ Sauer traveled 1000 miles from Knik to Nome Alaska along the Iditarod trail via a bike. The pictures and stories from the journey are insane. 
  4. As the weather shows glimpses of the promised summer, check out these 20 travel photographers for inspiration for your next vacation or just to improve your Instagram follow list. 
  5. I find it meditative to watch people working at their craft which they have spent so much time perfecting. This video captures the daily rhythm of Panificio, a small bakery in Northern Italy. I also was fascinated by a Latvian woodworker turning a log into a gorgeous dug out canoe
  6. I cant imagine what it feels like trying to surf these monster waves off the coast of Portugal. Water multiple stories high traveling at the speed of car and these crazy individuals decide to ride them. 
  7. “When we have permission to fail, we have nothing to lose. And when we have nothing to lose, there’s nothing stopping us from giving it a go.”   Becky Simpson 
  8. The quote above comes from this great interview with The Great Discontent

  9. Entrepreneurs, Jason and Caroline Zook, did a free workshop on how to structure your business to allow you to have the life you want. A great resource for artists trying to up their entrepreneurial game.