Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #128

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The last time you probably used a pencil was in high school. Caroline Weaver the owner of CW Pencil Enterprise, is trying to change that. Her tiny pencil shop preaches the virtues of the humble writing instrument. She delivers the history of the pencil in her last interview.    
  2. Using a drone to capture the view from 300 feet, Mantas Bačiuška captures the abstract patterns created in the snow on the frozen lakes of Lithuania. The resulting images feel like the came from a NASA probe rather than our own planet. 
  3. 15 years ago, Corey Arnold put up a job-wanted sign in Seattle's Fisherman Terminal and he quickly ended up joining a fishing crew out of Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. The photo series from his work is a true behind the scene of a completely different world. 
  4. Fiiiirst pairs up two photographers for a month long "photograph conversation" where each image becomes the inspiration for the next image. Right now there is only a few "discussions" but I cant wait to see where this idea goes. 
  5. “Kindness toward others and radical kindness to ourselves buy us a shot at a warm and generous heart, which is the greatest prize of all.”
    – Anne Lamott
  6. Micheal Joseph's series, "Lost and Found", is a collection honest and revealing portraits of people traveling the country hoping on freight trains. The difficulty of their lives is often visible on there face. 

  7. Routine is used to optimize tasks through efficiency. Yet as Jonathan Foer points out, the sameness which allows for improved performance also destroys anything memorable. Adding novelty back into our lives lengthens our perception of our lives

  8. "Low price is the last refuge of the marketer who doesn't care enough to build something worth paying for." Seth Godin nails one of the major problems with many corporations. 
  9. A remarkable thing happens when we continually push ourselves past our comfort zone and the thing which previously terrorized us has become our favorite thing. Derek Sivers reminds us that we can turn anything fear into a strength with practice. 
  10. If you feel you need permission to start something, here it is