Living paycheck to paycheck yet I bought an entrepreneur's future

I fundamentally believe that financial success for an artist is easier than it has ever been. However, "easier" is a world apart from easy. The internet and the current break down of the traditional earning models is forcing artists to embrace entrepreneurship in a way they never had before. For better or worse, you can't just sign with a gallery or a big photo collective like Magnum and ride into the financial success sunset anymore. Yet even with this disruption, the industry has failed to innovate This is why I have aggressively looked for business advice and models outside of photography to implement in my career. 

Jason Zook is one of my biggest entrepreneurial mentors. He, more than anyone I have seen, has merged creativity into entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2015, Jason sold his future. Every product/course he has built and access to every product he would build plus private access to an amazing slack community of fellow entrepreneurs.  At that moment, we (my wife and I) were living paycheck to paycheck juggling expenses and upcoming bills like a seasoned Vegas street juggler. Certain bills were paid days late depending on how the paychecks fell that month. I managed to sell a large piece giving me just enough money to buy his future in violation of his directive not to buy if you didnt have the money. Even though this decision made the next 4 months financially extremely difficult, this was one of my best entrepreneurial decisions. Much of my business evolution and experimentation is directly a result of following Jason Zook and this purchase.

I am writing this because Jason Zook is selling his future again. This time he is joined by his now wife, Caroline Zook (an artist and entrepreneur), and is selling their combined future from March 28 - April 11. The bundle includes 23 existing products (software, courses, and books/guides) and a guaranteed a minimum of 8 upcoming projects. The combination of "How To Get Sponsorships" and the "Better Branding Course" alone could change your career. You also get access to whatever they create in the future. This part of the deal was what pushed me to purchase two years ago even when I honestly didnt have the money to spare. Jason and Caroline have a solid track record of continually producing new products. Selling his future didnt slow Jason down in the least. So I will happily pay a finite amount of money for a massive upside (my years in finance are showing). I can only imagine what the two of them will create over the next 20 years.  

In full disclosure, I am an affiliate (aka I get a cut if you buy). If you want to make art your career, please consider investing in yourself to get the skills and the support necessary to make it happen. Just remember that buying this will not change anything unless you put in the work. If you have any questions, hit me up. If you have any concerns, hit me up. I will happily share my honest opinion with you.