Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #125

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Zach Parker dropped out of EMT school after his father died to take over the family BBQ restaurant. The video cuts in footage of him at 14 talking about working and learning with dad. It was touching to see the dreams at 14 come about even though it also meant that his father passed away. 
  2. PowWow is great street art festival that originally started in Hawaii. The video from this year's festival looks amazing. All these various artists coming together to transform boring blank walls into beautiful art pieces. 
  3. Tomas Kellner created a cubist style of architecture photography. Each piece is created from a single roll of film that is shot in a precise order and then sequenced in a way to create the famous building. 
  4. Marathon des Sables is known as one of the toughest races in the world as runners must run 156 miles across the desert in Southern Morocco over 6 days. This photo series is enough for me and I dont need to die in the desert. 
  5. At 88, everyone would forgive Elliot Erwitt for taking a break. However, he is still travelling the world working on upcoming books. Erwitt talks to NY Times about his need to work. 
  6. I was unfamiliar with the photographer, Arthur Tress, until this article and I am really happy for the introduction. His images range from the haunting to the humorous but all of them are expertly done.   
  7. "Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life." -Golda Meir
  8. If the name Roman Mars doesnt ring a bell, he is better known as the creator and voice of the popular podcast, 99% Invisible. The quote I took away from this interview with Chase Jarvis was "Stealing plus a lack of talent equals creativity."

  9. CJ Chilvers hit it out of the park again this week with his post, The Importance of Being Small. The internet is full of people trying to sell you on the idea that your business will be better if it was bigger and they have the secrets to make that happen. CJ talks about having the patience to keep your project small in order to keep working on it for the length of your career.