Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #123

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Jeroen van Kesteren constructs whimsical cardboard airships which appear straight out of a steampunk science fiction novel. The small details reveal how much work he must spend on each model. 
  2. The butcher, Cara Nicoletti, makes a delicious veggie burger from scratch. As we brace for a monster snow storm, its nice to remember that grill season isnt too far away. 
  3. Third Man Records opened up the first new vinyl pressing plant in country. It's awesome to see such an analog process making a small but noticeable comeback. 
  4. Do What You Can't. Nothing sums up the creative pursuits more than that declaration from Casey Neistat. People aren't trying to be mean when they try to convince you not to chase the crazy idea in your head. They are just trying to keep you safe. 
  5. “Even when change is elective, it will disorient you. You may go through anxiety. You will miss aspects of your former life. It doesn’t matter. The trick is to know in advance of making any big change that you’re going to be thrown off your feet by it. So you prepare for this inevitable disorientation and steady yourself to get through it. Then you take the challenge, make the change, and achieve your dream.”
    – Harvey Mackay
  6. I don't know how Nicholas Goodden created his "Futuristic London" series but that mystery only amplifies the dystopian images. The tops of London's famous skyline peak out of the horizon as faceless individuals wander the bareness.  

  7. Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, delivered a great commencement address to Kenyon in 1990. It would be impossible to pull just one idea from the brilliant advice shared. 

  8. Skateboarder photographer, Atiba Jefferson, may not be a household name but he is in the conversation on who the best skateboard photographer might be. A love of skateboarding all started after stealing his neighbors skateboard. 

  9. The short honest truth about creativity is that it is a kind of effort and not an abstract idea. It happens while you are working on your craft. Classes and books might help but you are more likely to find it along the long journey of making an idea into reality. 

  10. Seth Godin's daily emails are priceless. "Lazy but Talented" is just one example (and its short enough to include below). I highly recommend signing up. 

    "That's most of us.

    You can work really hard to get a little more talented.

    And you can also work to get a little less lazy.

    It turns out that getting less lazy, more brave—more clear about your fears, your work and your mission—are all easier than getting more talented."