Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #119

Start your Monday off right:

  1. The combination of the water heating up and the actual cooking time make cooking pasta always feels like it takes significantly longer to cook than it should. The great people of Food Lab figured out that you can just soak the pasta before hand and drastically speed the cooking up. In case I haven't mentioned it, the Food Lab cooking book is amazing and I highly recommend it. 
  2. The fine folks at the Oxford Dictionary compiled a list of archaic words no longer in use or have had their meaning change over time. 
  3. Photographer, Victor Bezrukov, traveled through Ethiopia and captured scenes from his car window. You feel if you are in the car with him on the journey. 
  4. Matthieu Venot takes a very different route with his series, Pastel Perspectives. He finds abstract geometric scenes wandering his hometown of Brest, France. 
  5. A relatively new source of artistic inspiration has been the Live.Ammo Instagram account curated by my friend, Dave Conrey. I have followed so many new artists as a result of this account. 
  6. "We're living a process of pursuit, but sometimes we get so focused on trying to get where we're going and we forget that this life too. We're living it right now."   Alison Sudol
  7. Gavin Strange is a senior designer at Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace and Gromit, and talks about his journey with the company as well being able to pursue his own creative side projects. 
  8. Netflix released a new series, Abstract, on Friday documenting the life and work of 8 creatives in various fields. By last night, I had watched them all. I think I will have to rewatch them  with a notebook in hand to record the various insights. 
  9. I don't necessarily agree with such a click bait title, Do These Things After Work Everyday And You Will Achieve Anything You Want In Life, but the central tenet is correct. By evaluating your free time and doing one thing every day toward a goal, you have the chance to actually achieve it. 
  10. Seth Godin breaks down how the media(particularly the news) is designed to race from one crisis to the next "in this daily race for our attention and our emotions." A great reminder that the news doesn't have our best interests at heart.