Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #161

Start your Monday off right:

  1. Ken Burns creates incredible in-depth documentaries on varies subjects from baseball, Vietnam War, and jazz. His latest offering is on the National Parks
  2. The photographer, James Tarry, explores depression with expired Polaroid film and pinhole camera. I am thrilled to own one his print from this series.  
  3. The food magazine, Bon Appetit, just launched a new site, Basically, that provides a great combo of learning basic techniques and recipes. 
  4. Alessio Trerotoli's multi exposure images instantly gained him a large following. Each image is a dizzying array of colors and objects layered onto of each other. I could stair at these for a long time. 
  5. A single word in an online comic lead photographer, Alan Taylor, down a rabbit hole resulting in a trip along the ancient Silk Road. This photo series is the end product of that rabbit hole. 
  6. “A child has no trouble believing the unbelievable, nor does the genius or the madman. It’s only you and I, with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.”
    ― Steven Pressfield
  7. The Race of Gentleman is a step back in time. Old motorcycle and cars racing on the beach of Wildwood, NJ. I will hopefully be there next year with my camera. 

  8. You may not know KAWS but there is a chance you have seen his art. This is his story how he moved from the world of graffiti and took the contemporary art world by storm.

  9. Om Malik's series, "Tuscany on Film", makes me want to visit Italy again.  

  10. I have been trying to figure out how to travel across the country with my camera. Jarod Luebbert's series on heightens that desire.