Monday Morning Dispatch - Volume #162

Start your Monday off right:

  1. I wish my baking skills were developed enough to make these Whiskey Lapsang Cookie Cream Puffs. I might still make an effort because a failed cream puff isnt the worst thing in the world. 
  2. The freedom and exhilaration of a snowboarder carving down a mountain seems intoxicating especially when you are doing it with a bunch of your buddies. This video definitely gets me interested in learning how to snowboard. 
  3. Mind wandering helps you get into a more creative state and ideas seem to appear out of no where. I love the way they described the process, "Let the soul dangle".  
  4. Ryan Staley's corporate law firm issued him an Iphone and altered his life forever. He carries the camera phone everywhere capturing the people in often unconventional ways. 
  5. I honestly have no idea how to describe Peter Beesley's sculptures. At the very minimum, the piece is a stunningly beautiful piece which reacts physically and chemically to changes in its environment. I would love to see this in person. 
  6. The artist, Andrew Salgado, speaks about his journey to become one of the biggest contemporary artists working right now. 
  7. "There is no courage without vulnerability. But we're all taught to be brave and we're all warned when we're growing up to not be vulnerable. That's the rub. When you have bravery without vulnerability, that's when you get what we're looking at today."    Brene Brown 
  8. Cristian Marianciuc originally started folding origami cranes every day for 365 days and hasnt stopped after 1000 days. He decorates each crane is a new and beautiful way. 

  9. Laura Letinsky creates these still life photographs using a 4x5 film camera. Each one is painstakingly assembled. I discovered her work in her interview with The Great Discontent

  10. Mac Premo created this delightful video on how we built a machine that can bunt a baseball and how it ended up being a one man play. You dont even realize that its an add for We Transfer.